Don't become a Drunkenstein, pace your drinking. More fun, less trauma...

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The main objective of Drunkenstein is to help you not become a Drunkenstein. Someone that drank more alcohol than they should have.

What is a Drunkenstein?

Drunkenstein [ druhngk-kuhn-stahyn ]
  1. A person that has become too drunk, with a limited vocabulary, impaired motor functions, limited intellect, irrational behaviors, possible temporary loss of generating long term memories, and a potential danger to themselves (and others). Might also drool a bit.
  2. A person that is likely to feel quite bad next day, in a potential mix of hangover, self loathing, remorse and potential damage control on apologizing for erratic behavior that might have hurt others, and/or just been quite embarrassing.

Introducing your co-pilot

Your co-pilot will help you pace an event or night out, and hopefully "land" you safely without becoming a Drunkenstein. There are several situational co-pilot profiles to choose from. You can also create and define your own co-pilots, to have the sober you, guide the intoxicated you

History, keeping track, sharing

Keep a record of all your events and optionally share them with others, by naming, describing and rating the event, rating your drinking "control", rating your hangovers, note fun facts about the event and such ⭐


Choose between dark and light mode and several visual themes to feel more at home, plus several other settings


Is to generally help you in the way you want to be helped. That could be to in general drink less, or just time your drinking better to not become too wasted and for you (and likely others) to have a better time. This can vary from event to event, that's why there are different situational co-pilot profiles


Each co-pilot has a set of reminder texts that you can adjust to your liking. These will be sent as notification during the event (if enabled). You can also add your own reminders, both containing text and pictures. Sometimes a picture is stronger than words. This could be a picture of a loved one (maybe with a raised finger 🙂), or a picture of that broken arm you once got trying to get home blindfolded on a unicycle..


If you want to use the reminder notification features of the App, it's important to allow the App to send you notifications. It's also important to additionally allow the App to send you notifications in the “do not disturb” period, as it's quite likely an event will be active in the “do not disturb” hours. In the App you can also define a “do not disturb” time period (under "Co-pilot" - "More options")

iOS permissions videos
Android permissions videos

Event tracking

During the event there are quick buttons and presets to quickly add what you're drinking, and how strong it is, and also optionally add other event details (could be food, some funny situation, photos, transport and such)

When should I add drinks?

It's recommended to add drinks when starting on the drink, then for example you can also take an optional picture of the drink before it’s empty. But it doesn’t really matter that much. You can also do it when you finish the drink, or add one or more drinks later etc. Drinks can also be modified later if you for example want to modify the time or units of the drink. Under Co-pilot there is a setting on how you prefer to enter drinks (at start, end or any time), this can help a more accurate pace calculation

How to remember to add drinks?

Click here for tips and suggestion on how to remember to add drinks

Have a ritual 🎯
Like always try to add a drink just before starting the new drink. For example if out, then while waiting in that boring line to get a drink. As soon as you start the drink your mind is probably in dopamine mode and will forget all about it. Alternatively always when you end a drink
Reminders 🎗️
Enable reminders (copilot pace control), make sure you allowed permissions to send notifications, also in your do-not-disturb period (see "Permissions" section)
Cheers 🍻
Instead of saying “Cheers!” say “Drunkenstein!”.. It's a fun challenge and a great reminder
Robot 🤖
Go into the event with a strong mindset that you will only drink on Drunkenstein reminders, and not randomly when you feel like it (giving Drunkenstein full control). This can be hard on events where drinks are served, or you have generous friends handing out drinks left and right
Sharing 📱
Have your sharing card in mind as a dopamine carrot for your mind, to share something fun the next day, requiring you to remember to add entries in order to make the sharing card interesting
Physical reminders 💍
Wear an armband or ring you normally don't wear on your drinking hand to remind you to add drinks. You could also draw some symbol on your drinking hand as a reminder (should be waterproof)
Gadgets ⌚
A smart/fitness watch/ring that also buzz on phone reminder notifications
More alerts ⚠️
Besides reminders enable more alerts, like time based alerts to also remind. Early alerts are good. The more intoxicated you get, the greater chance you will forget and quickly dismiss stuff
More reminders 🎗️🎗️
Set the co-pilot pace control double as fast as you would like, in order to get more reminders
Mindset 🧠
In general just before the event, try to set a mindset that your not just gonna go with the flow, but try to be in control and add drinks, and keep an eye on Drunkenstein and your intake
Webhooks 📶
Hook up alerts to webhooks (like Discord and IFTTT), so you feel your actions are also connected to other people as well, motivating your mind more to remember
Actor 🎭
You are a space/world explorer on a mission to log the event (captain's log!). If you give the character a name it might even be more effective to remember (the mind works in funny ways)
Buddy system 🤝
If more people are using Drunkenstein, then remind each other. You can also tell non-Drunkensteiners, whom can find it funny to remind you as well, as a potential topic for the evening
Prepare 📝
Set up quick buttons and presets to match your most common entries, to make things faster. Also use the buttons on the notifications
Feedback 📧
Let me know if you found a way that works better for you than the above (email:


When pressing start you can start an event, or just add a single drink entry without having to start a full event, if you for example just want to add a single beer to your consumption tracking and statistics. Additionally, you can start a sober challenge and earn an achievement, or you can try guess the amount of alcohol units consumed when starting an event, and earn an achievement if correct. It's also possible to start daily hydration mode (Drinkenstein), for example to make sure you are hydrated before, and after an event

Alcohol units

What is an alcohol unit (also known as standard drink)? Alcohol units are defined differently around the world, so it's up to you how to define these. In Denmark we for example define a standard beer at 33cl and alcohol level at 4.6% as 1 alcohol unit (or standard drink). About the same for a glass of wine. A slightly stronger beer, or perhaps larger beer might then be 1.3 alcohol units. Drunkenstein includes an alcohol unit calculator to convert alcohol level, drink volume and various standard drink definitions into alcohol units more info

It's up to you how exactly you want your alcohol units specified. I rarely use the built-in alcohol unit calculator, but do a more casual guess like previously mentioned. As I don't want to spend too much time at an event with my head in my phone. Here you can also "preplan" by making presets of the drinks you most often drink, or are most likely to drink, to use the phone minimally. The alcohol unit calculator also supports several standard drink systems. If you don't really care if you are aligning with your own country's standard drink system then you can just use the default Drunkenstein standard drinks (the predefined presets are also done with this in mind). A spoiler is that the default Drunkenstein standard drink is the same as Denmark (mass 12 grams)

Pace control

Pace control is defined in minutes, and is how long it takes you to consume an alcohol unit. A pace of at least 60 minutes per alcohol unit is recommended for giving your body a chance to process the alcohol intake (you will still get intoxicated though). Note: The definition of an alcohol unit is different around the world, so this might vary (why can't we just all get along and unite?). You can also turn off pace control, for events where you might just want the consumption info and alerts (and no notification reminders, no pace warnings and no traffic light)

Traffic light

This will show if it's ok to drink alcohol again since your last alcohol based drink (based on your pace control). Inside the traffic light color you can see how many minutes are left until the light changes, or how many minutes since the light changed to green (you can get notification reminders though, so traffic light is just an extra)

Quick buttons and presets

Many of the buttons and presets representing a drink (or similar) can be long pressed in order to reconfigure it easily. Alternatively the quick buttons and presets can also be changed in settings. Also if you accidentally long press these, the long pressing can also be disabled in settings

Pace status and strictness

Your co-pilot will give you hints when adding alcohol units, if you are pacing or not (can be disabled). The co-pilot also has a strictness level. So if you are pacing, the co-pilot can automatically adjust your time to the next drink (off per default). See the “Co-pilot pacing strictness level” setting


With alerts you can get alerts when reaching certain conditions. Some alert examples: Remember to eat some food, warning of getting close to your drinking limits, encouragement to go home if too many alcohol units, alerts at a specific time etc. Alerts can also optionally be sent to external services via webhooks to alert someone else, like for example a Discord message, Smart Home notifications etc. Alerts can be found in the Co-pilot tab

Alert someone else

Visit this page for more info on how to alert someone else via webhooks. Here is an example using Discord


The App will keep a history of events that you can observe. For example when do you "fall apart", like getting too drunk to remember to put in entries, potentially get blackouts etc. and reflect on this the next time when you set the pace control minutes. So eventually you know your ideal pace control (minutes per alcohol unit) in order to optimize for having a good time without becoming a Drunkenstein.
Additionally you can also set up and tweak alerts from your learnings. For example if you can see a pattern that it's always after 7 alcohol units and a pace of less than 60min per alcohol unit, that things become a blur, you can setup an alert a bit before, to warn yourself about this, while still not totally drunk more info

Here are some more random insights. I know personally my pace for long events should be a minimum of 45min to not become a Drunkenstein (and the next day fully remember how I actually got home). When I was younger that pace could probably be lowered to 30-35min. Being from Denmark with a strong alcohol culture, by time I've become less tolerant towards alcohol. Now if I want to be productive the next day and not too hungover, then tempo should be a minimum of 52min for me. That is for long events (7+ alcohol units). For shorter events pace could be lower, as it also depends on the amount of alcohol units. All of this is of course very independent depending on a lot of factors (see "Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and Lab" section). I've learned by time (often the hard way) by observing, recollecting and reflecting

Early alerts are good, as the more intoxicated you get the greater chance you will forget, not reflect, and quickly dismiss stuff. If you keep forgetting to add drinks you can try some low-practical tricks, like wearing an armband or ring you normally don't wear on your drinking hand to remind you. Also you could try go into the event with a mindset that you will only drink on Drunkenstein reminders and not randomly when you feel like it (giving Drunkenstein control)

Reflection for improving

For each event you can write “expectations” before the event and “how did it go?” after the event. This is inspired by work methods where you also have a planning meeting, and a retrospective meeting. Reflecting on the good things, and things to potentially improve for next time. In general this can also be used as a diary-like way of mentally processing the event


Au/h is "alcohol units per hour" consumed. A speed indication of how fast you drink. Of course this is an approx value, as the App does not know exactly when you start and finish a drink. I could add support for adding these details, but on the other hand I also don't want you to spend all your time micro managing this at an event, where you should have your focus on the event itself and not the App

Share event card

For each finished event you can share an event card. You can also select which event details should be included, and which shouldn't. The layout of each event card can also be customized

Achievements and level

Why so serious? 🙂 Earn achievements and level up. Compare with friends, find highlights via the achievement history

Editing finished events

Events can also be modified after they are finished. if you for example forgot to add something, or find some mistake etc. If adding entries to a finished event remember to set an approx time and date of the entry, else the associated chart timeline might look strange

Statistics and charts

View and reflect on your historical statistics and charts. For example weekly and monthly consumption. Statistics can be found under "History" in the "Statistics" tab


Flip a virtual coin to (let destiny) decide if the next drink is non-alcohol or not. Also have some dice functionality to cover some basic dice games

Drunk compatible user interface

The App tries to make the main interface drunk compatible (easy/big) and also has several safety measures like automatic backups, a bin for deleted items, undo functionality and such

There's a premium version? 🔥

The free version is just fine, the premium version offers the following

The one time price for premium is like a good beer, a glass of wine or a drink

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and Lab

The App does not replace a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measure device. If you want that you should buy a portable alcohol meter and never use an App for that (too uncertain). This App is more about optimizing your drinking behavior (controlled pacing, reminders and alerts). It's still possible to do some very rough conversion to blood alcohol concentration, and how long till you are sober (See "Settings" -> "Lab"), but should be considered more like a gimmick, as there are many factors besides time and consumption, like body size and composition, metabolism, stomach content, hydration and more

I want to synchronize on more devices

Your data is kept simple, cozy and private (works offline), like a diary on your favorite device. There's no need for any cloud account creation, where some company eventually sells your data. That's of course a trade off. There is an import/export function should you want to switch to another device type and keep your history and settings

Photos and images

In general when adding photos and images to Drunkenstein it is recommended to use landscape mode and not portrait mode, as these are better fitted on various screens and on sharing event cards. Drunkenstein also has a collection of example images that you can select from. The example images are mostly minded for reminders, alerts and the co-pilot start image

I want to add more photos to an event

You can do this by adding additional images as entries, and for example name each entry “Highlight” or “Photo” or a description of the photo, and set the entry to 0 alcohol units. After the event has ended you can then see all the images by opening the ended event and pressing the “Gallery” button. You can also see the gallery during the event by pressing the gallery icon on the top left corner of the consumption chart

Can I access the pictures in the App as files?

Yes on iOS open the “Files” App, then select “On My iPhone” and select “Drunkenstein”. On Android connect your device to a computer to browse the device files. The pictures will be located at: “<device name>\Internal storage\Android\data\com.catswithfunnyhats.drunkensteiner\files”. Note: If you are using an Android file browser app, these files might be hidden per default (as system files)

Notifications are sometimes delayed

On Android this can happen if battery settings for Drunkenstein are set to optimized or restricted, or the app is on a deep sleep list, or you might have a memory/battery manager app restricting Drunkenstein. See this page for more info

Why did you make this?

I believe this could have helped the past "me" from various injuries and uncool situations, and hopefully avoid some future ones 😊 I'm from Denmark, and drinking is probably our true national sport (like many other countries), and I enjoy making tools to try solve problems and optimize life


The name Drunkenstein originates from a song title I wrote about myself (hungover)


Drunkenstein might not really help you everytime, but hopefully it will make you think a bit harder, and reflect a bit more. Maybe it will even save you from some physical and/or physiological trauma

Drinking problem

If you think you might have a problem with alcohol and drinking, there is a lot of help available. Alcohol is unfortunately also a root to a lot of suffering in the world. Search for help on drinking problem



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